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Eauro Assembly Systems, Inc.

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Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

4115 24th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 

P: 503.357.0939
TF:  877.375.4401
F: 503.359.3812 

Less waste lowers garbage costs.

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Radical changes for custom cabinet procurement is already well into motion.

As the sophistication of designers and contractors increase they are able to take advantage of the tremendous benefits and reduced costs of utilizing manufacturers.

It’s really not hard to make high quality custom cabinets. We use the best materials and have the latest equipment. It’s not even hard to make them for very little money. We do it every day and can do it for you.

Woodshop News 11-2017 Get Smart & Outsource “Competition today isn’t limited to a few custom shops across town. With online design and purchasing, (like from EASI and Cabinotch) wood shops are now also in competition with home builders, designers and architects, (door manufacturers and panel suppliers), kitchen and bath dealerships, big box stores and even consumers. If custom shops don’t compete on price and offer design innovation and superior service, their days are numbered.”

What jacks the price up for custom cabinets is all the waste in the old style process.

  • There is the cost of several quotes that didn’t turn into jobs that are folded into your project.
  • The used car method of pricing and many shops don’t know the exact cost of an item.
  • Typical machinery and shop space are only utilized on average of 20% of the time.
  • Many shops deliver the cabinets to a finisher then deliver it again to the job site.
  • Many shops do not outsource cabinet delivery.
  • Many shops are either closed or run with a skeleton crew during installs. Guess who pays?
  • There are less than efficient shop layouts, under equipped or having the wrong equipment.

My suggestions for removing the waste from the cabinet process are to hire;

  • A Designer. They know how to run a tape measure saving multiple steps or use our service to fit the job.
  • A Contractor. They are interested in providing the best for you.
  • A Cabinet maker - who outsources, concentrates on design, install and doesn’t have idle equipment.
  • Use dedicated Installers, they are a sure bet for saving money.
  • And of course - use The EASI System for all your Euro cabinet needs. Compared to a production cab or big box store you definitely can do better with fit and options.

We at Euro Assembly Systems Inc are Euro Cabinet Experts. Everything is set up for smooth production flow so more of your money goes into the cabinets your customers are going to live with for a long time.

Jim Guzy
Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

Call EASI today for help with your next project and see how EASI it is to deliver Custom European cabinetry to your customers!! For orders or quotes, call us at 503- 357-0939 or fill out an on-line order form from our Catalog, or print and fax it to 503-359-3812.


After the long and successful association we have established with EASI I couldn’t imagine working without them.

-- Jim Duncan, Weston Homes