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Eauro Assembly Systems, Inc.

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Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

4115 24th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 

P: 503.357.0939
TF:  877.375.4401
F: 503.359.3812 

Reduce the amount of time spent on low dollar activities.

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Save time and money the EASI WAY!

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Quick Start Guide

I invite you to call with questions about the EASI System, order process, layout, special applications or anything else at 503-357-0939.

The EASI System has four base cabinet heights, Kitchen Base (KB), Master Vanity (MV), Standard Vanity (SV), and Desk Base (DB). Achieve that true custom look by ordering cabinets widths right to a 1/16" for free. Cabinet depths come in 1/2" increments at no extra charge so you can fit that special space. Get acquainted with the EASI System Features and Easi System Increments. This will turn your project into something truly wonderful.

Use the "Pantry" cabinet for bookcases, window seats or any other custom application. You can add sections and insert features as needed. For that custom dresser start with a Pantry cabinet then add drawers of any size with a furniture toe. Use hideaway doors and pullouts to make an entertainment center. Make life easy by adding convenience hardware like Lazy Susan's, Spice Pullouts and Recycling Centers. You are free to design your custom project.

For wall, wall deep, bookcase, pantry and oven cabinets select a system increment height. You can add section heights or widths, (horizontal and vertical partitions) for free to any cabinet. Use this feature to fit appliances in oven cabinets or give wall cabinets that extra pizzazz like glass doors in a top section.

Complete your project with panels, fillers, crown molding and toe kick skins by using the Order Form like lined note book paper. Email or fax a list along with a drawing to clarify a cabinet detail or any special instructions you feel would be helpful.

When laying out your project keep the EASI System Increments in mind. Remember to include clearances from walls, doorways, windows, ceilings and soffits. Most appliance dimensions are available on line from the manufacturer or try Dimension Express for accurate cut sheets.

Use these pages as you design or fill out the order form. Right click on a link and select "Open in a new window" from the drop down box. This will allow PC users to alt-tab between windows for easy reference. Mac users use similar commands. System Increments .... Frequently Asked Questions .... Easi System Catalog.

Now you are ready to fill out the Order Form.

Open an Order Form  - CAREFUL! Pressing the back button when using the Order Form will erase all information entered!

For multiple page orders open a separate tab for each Order form. Please fill out all the information at the top of each and include page numbers ex: 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.

Visit the Installation Instructions for a few tips.

I'm always available to help, please call or email with any questions.

Jim Guzy



The EASI System is quite unique with unlimited choices in styles, materials, depths and widths, so you can order just the way you design. Plus the pricing is easy to understand and they offer a wide choice of “no extra charge” features to choose from.

-- Gordon Trone, GB Trone Building Co.