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Eauro Assembly Systems, Inc.

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Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

4115 24th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 

P: 503.357.0939
TF:  877.375.4401
F: 503.359.3812 

Spend more time at the job site to ensure the project is on track.

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The EASI Order Form

Download the EASI Order Form in PDF format.

CAREFUL! Pressing the back button when using the Order Form will erase all information entered!

Highlighted boxes are required information. It will not email nor tell you which one is missing if you do. The fix is on the to do list.

The online order form can be submitted by email, printed and saved to a file. For multiple page orders open a separate tab or window for each Order Form. Please fill out all the information at the top of each and include page numbers ex: 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.

Open these pages for reference as you design and fill out the order form.

System Increments .... Frequently Asked Questions .... Easi System Catalog.

Right click on a link and select "Open in a new window" from the drop down box. This will allow PC users to alt-tab between windows for easy reference. Mac users use similar commands.

Download Acrobat Reader for free at: http://www.adobe.com/products/reader/.

Order Form Instructions

Enter all company information carefully and completely. Specify what kind of Edge Banding, Interior and Exterior Material you require. Some examples are: White Melamine, Maple, Cherry, Alder, Red Oak, White Oak, VG Fir and Match Formica #857.

  • If your order consists of more than one type of wood or laminate, please enter information on separate forms, submitting them using the same Customer, Job Number or Name and Job Date on each order form. The order will be grouped together in our system.
  • Job and Date: These are used together to identify and group your orders. For larger orders enter the same Customer, Job Number or Name and Job Date on each order form.
  • You may enter either a number or a name in the Job field.
  • Please enter all dimensions in inches.
  • When ordering an Angle "A" or Lazy Susan "L" cabinet a second width needs to be specified. Place an "x" between the first width and the second width in the width column. For example: 36 x 36.
  • Include a drawing with your order to clarify any details you need.

Explanation of Column Heads:
EASI #: This number will be issued by EASI to link your line item to our cabinet number.

QUANTITY: Indicate the quantity required of IDENTICAL cabinets.

CABINET TYPE: Indicate which cabinet type you require. Please use the abbreviated cabinet name. For example KBDD for Kitchen Base Drawer Door. Please refer to the EASI System Catalog.

WIDTH: Specify the width of the cabinet in inches. When ordering an Angle "A" or Lazy Susan "L" cabinet a second width needs to be specified. Place an "x" between the first width and the second width in the width column. For example: 36 x 36.

HEIGHT: Enter the height for Wall & Tall cabinets. Base Cabinet heights are fixed and you may leave the box blank. Cabinet heights for Wall, Wall Deep, Oven and Panty cabinets are available in 32mm increments. Please refer to the System Increments Chart for a quick reference.

DEPTH: This is the depth of the cabinet without the door measured from the front to the back of the cabinet. The standard Base cabinet depth is 24" and the Wall cabinet standard depth is 12". Depths to 24" in 1/2" increments are available for free. Cabinets to 48" deep are available for a nominal fee.

FINISHED ENDS LEFT/ RIGHT: Finished Ends refer to the exposed sides of a cabinet. They will be made with the Exterior Material you specify on the Order Form. As you stand and face the cabinet, the left side is on your left and the right side is on your right. Therefore, a check mark in the "Left" column means that the left end of the cabinet will be finished, and like-wise for the "Right" column.

HINGE LEFT, RIGHT or PAIR: Indicate where the hinge should be located. "L" means the hinge will be located on the left side of the cabinet. "R" means that the hinge will be located on the right side of the cabinet. "PR" indicates a pair of doors is required for the cabinet.

DRAWER OPTIONS: Enter your choices for the desired drawer options. Separate types by a comma. To indicate the number of drawers in a Drawer Bank, list 4DRW, 3DRW or 2DRW. List 1TD or 2TD for the number of Top Drawers. Use 1PO, 2PO, 3PO or 4PO for the number of Pullouts and 1ADRW or 2ADRW for the number of Added Drawers required. For example, to order a cabinet with two top drawers and two pullouts, list 2TD, 2PO. List any special layout requirements in the Special Instructions column.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The top drawer is always fixed is height, although you may enter custom heights for the lower drawers here. Note any additional information required to construct the cabinets to you specifications. Some examples are: Bread Board, See Sketch, Horizontal Partition 60" clear or any other special request.

PRICE CATEGORY: This column is optional. It can be helpful when doing your own estimates. Enter 1,2,3,4 or 5 as noted next to each cabinet type in the EASI System Catalog. Add all cabinets of a single price category together and multiply by the category price. We will be glad to give you a quote for free.

For Additional Items:

Use the order form as lined paper to order non cabinet items like: Panels, fillers, hinges, drawer guides or other non-cabinet items. You may also include a separate sheet with your order. Please refer to our Catalog for some options.

Call EASI today for help with your next project and see how EASI it is to deliver Custom European cabinetry to your customers!! For orders or quotes, call us at 503- 357-0939 or fill out an on-line order form from our Catalog, or print and fax it to 503-359-3812.


Since I can trust Jim to build my project exactly as ordered I have confidence what I communicate to my customers is completely accurate.

-- Fred Marble, Marble’s Cabinets