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Eauro Assembly Systems, Inc.

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Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

4115 24th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 

P: 503.357.0939
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EASI Installation Instructions

Always follow local installation codes.

Many tools are available to make installation easier like stud finders, cabinet jacks and laser levels.

EASI uses a captive back with the nailer behind the back insuring the safest method for cabinet installation. For all cabinets we recommend using a pan head type screw installed through the cabinet back, nailer, and into a stud. Where required verify that there is backing material in the wall that is sufficient and always install the appropriate amount of screws for the application.

Verify that all cabinets fit the room. Verify the cabinet door and drawer faces will clear doorway casing.

Locate each cabinet position and verify that tall cabinets will fit between the high point of the floor and low point of the ceiling. Use a laser level or draw a level line on all walls below counter top height that receive cabinets.

Toe kick installation

  • Ladder type toe kicks are typically held back 3” from the face and finished ends of the cabinets and 1/2” back from appliance openings. Some installers prefer using leg levelers.
  • Measure from the level line to the top of the toe kick.
  • Use shims where necessary to make the toe kick a sturdy platform and make it absolutely level.
  • Screw the toe kick to the wall.
  • Install stabilizer blocks at the front and attach the kick to the blocks.
  • Install the toe kick skins.   Doing this now will save hours later on.

Place all the base cabinets on the kicks and screw them to each other.

  • Tip: where needed attach a filler to the cabinet first.
  • Verify each cabinet is installed to the level line and is square across the face.
  • Shim the cabinets at the wall.
  • Screw the cabinets to the wall using a good pan head cabinet installation screw. DO NOT COUNTERSINK!
  • Install fillers 1/8" back from the face of the cabinet to avoid the seam from showing.
  • Option: fillers can be installed flush with the face of the cabinet faces.

Countertop decks for plastic laminate or tile.

  • Attach a minimum of 16mm ( 5/8" ) thick build up (spacers) on top of the cabinets.
  • The thickness of spacers can vary depending on the height of the self edge.
  • Install the counter top deck making sure a cross spacer is under all joints.
  • 3cm counters can be laid on top of the cabinets.

Cut openings for sinks and appliances either before or after wall cabinet installation.

Install wall cabinets.

  • Verify each cabinet installed to the level line and is square across the face.
    • Tip: use cabinet jacks, ledger boards or kickers.
  • Use a good pan head cabinet installation screw.   DO NOT COUNTERSINK!
  • Many installers prefer installing the wall cabinets first.

The 4 C's - Clean, Caulk, Cap (screw covers) Clips (shelf clips).

Install the shelves and drawer boxes.

Install the door and drawer faces.

    • Adjust the faces with equal reveals.
    • Screw the drawer faces in place (slab drawers) using the provided pilot holes in the drawer box front.
    • Drill the drawer face handle pilot holes all the way through the drawer box front.
    • Drill the doors for the handles.
    • Install the handles.

    Verify handle location and drill with a backer to prevent blowout and install handles. Many predrill door and drawer fronts for handles on a work surface first. After drawer front installation and alignment, using a brad point drill bit, drill through the drawer front through the drawer box using a backer to avoid blow out and install the handle.

    Call EASI today for help with your next project and see how EASI it is to deliver custom European cabinetry to your customers!! For orders or quotes, call us at 503- 357-0939 or fill out an on-line order form from our Catalog, or print and fax it to 503-359-3812.


We are a face frame shop but with EASI cabinets we don’t have to turn away work for the customers who ask for the European design. I trust EASI’s reliability.

-- John Fennelly, Home Grown Kitchens