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Eauro Assembly Systems, Inc.

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Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

4115 24th Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 

P: 503.357.0939
TF:  877.375.4401
F: 503.359.3812 

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7 Reasons Why Ordering Custom Cabinets from EASI is the Right Choice.

EASI Cabinets are installed from penthouses to garages and everything in-between.

Having EASI supply your Euro Style Custom Cabinets is the best way to increase your revenue. EASI delivers a sturdy high quality custom cabinet with more sizes and more options. No need to settle for wobbly narrow product lines from big box retailers either.

The advantage is you already know exactly what you and your customers want. With EASI you’ll be fitting cabinets in no time. For those trickier jobs supply us the measurements and we will fit them for you.

Service – 40 years of experience give us the knowledge that produces cabinets with superior quality and selection. We are here to answer any questions and assist with layout, application and selection of materials. We care for you and your customer like our own. We can help you deliver that special experience to your project and the positive word of mouth that will generate new customers.

Primarily our cabinets are “quality custom cabinets.” For no extra cost you get cabinets built to the 1/16” of an inch in width and depths in ½” increments constructed with the best materials. You also can use any material your design requires. Cabinet showrooms, big box retailers, knock downs, builder cabinets and many “custom shops” cannot match this.

You get more choices for door styles, drawers and hardware at prices below those that want to limit your choice. Would you like more or less choice?

Efficiency - The savings come from the structure of The EASI System. How we utilize the 21st. century way of doing business by having experts that specialize handling each phase of the completed job.

No need to factor in the cost in bidding other peoples work. You do not have to pay shops that need to quote 4, 5, 6 – 10 times to get one job.

You get paid for designing, not us. If you ever get stuck - we will help.

We are expert manufacturers. Our facility is optimized for cabinet production. It is equipped with high production computerized equipment and we use the latest manufacturing techniques.
Multipurpose shops are not as efficient. They do cabinets, furniture, countertops and what not. They try to be all things to everybody and that ends up costing you.

Many do not have the space or specialized equipment like we do and even when they do it sits idle 80% to 90% of the work week wasting shop space, insurance, capitol, heat, lights and your money.

You do not have to pay for a dark shop in order to install your cabinets nor workers driving back and forth to the job site while still being charged for all that overhead.

We use delivery services eliminating the cost of owning, insurance and maintaining trucks for delivery and installation that are only used sparingly.

This is why our prices are the best in the business.

Design - Keep that design money in your pocket. You know what you want. Finish your job quicker and help is always available here at EASI.

Installation – It is more cost efficient to order from EASI by making the most of installers who specialize in their craft. Many shops have to close for installation but still charge shop rates.

Delivery EASI's 15 day lead time from order to delivery is consistent with our trusted delivery service companies. Your investment is protected by cargo insurance making EASI's delivery service the wise choice.

Location plays a huge part in the final cost of the cabinet. We have an advantage in this area also. Our overhead is the lowest. We’ve been at our 9,000 sq. ft. Forest Grove location for 28 years.

Trust – A 40 year long list of satisfied customers. Emerson Hardwood, the industry leader supplying the cabinet industry for over 100 years, distributed our products for 10 years. We have customer testimonials and photos on our web site www.its-easi.com.

Please visit today. Let us quote a project for you!           Call EASI today 503-357-0939


Jim Guzy Euro Assembly Systems, Inc.

Call EASI today for help with your next project and see how EASI it is to deliver Custom European cabinetry to your customers!! For orders or quotes, call us at 503- 357-0939 or fill out an on-line order form from our Catalog, or print and fax it to 503-359-3812.


After the long and successful association we have established with EASI I couldn't’t imagine working without them.

-- Jim Duncan, Weston Homes